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Personal Home and Auto Insurance Discount Program

September 13, 2017

Your group home and auto insurance program is presently underwritten by Novex Insurance Company of Canada. Novex Insurance has just come out with a new product that will allow drivers to have a little more control over their auto insurance premiums.  This new feature is called “My Driving Discount”; a mobile app that rewards drivers for certain driving behaviors – up to 25%.  In addition to the potential 25% savings, drivers instantly receive a 10% discount simply for downloading the app. Read more here.

Marsh Insights: All-Terrain Vehicle Safety and Insurance Considerations

August 11, 2017

Along with the ever-increasing popularity of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)/Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use also comes an increase in ATV/ORV-related injuries, primarily caused by excessive speed, inexperience with the vehicle or terrain, improper apparel including not wearing helmets, and alcohol use. Read more here.

AASUA Salary Equity Task Force

July 5, 2017

The final report and other documents of the AASUA Salary Equity Task Force are located here. The Edmonton Journal article is here.

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