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AASUA Policies & Procedures (under revision)
“Pursuant to the Council motion (21 April 2016), all Association Policies and Procedures and Terms of Reference for any of the Association’s committees that do not comply with the newly ratified bylaws (19 April 2016) or the Policies and Procedures for the 2016 Elections (21 April 2016) are deemed null and void and shall be removed in due course.  If there are any questions, please contact Brygeda Renke, Executive Director.”

1.6.1 Constituency Committees

The committee structures through which Academic Faculty, Academic Librarians, Administrative and Professional Officers, Contract Academic Staff (Teaching), Faculty Service Officers, Trust/Research Academic Staff, and Sessionals and Other Temporary Staff represent constituencies of employees within the Association, are created by or recognized by Council. Council has the power to establish or abolish committees, including constituency committees, and to establish or change their composition, membership and functions (Bylaws §5.2).

All committees of the Association are responsible to Council and may not commit the Association unless specifically authorized to do so by Council (Bylaws §5.3).

Constituency groups (specifically) have only those powers that have been directly and explicitly permitted by Council. They have no independent authority over the Association or over any of its substructures (Bylaws §5.4).

Constituency committees are representative; i.e. they represent particular employee groups within the association that have their own collective agreements. They may have a representative function (e.g., in nominating individuals to serve on Council) or in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of employment of those whom they represent. Their powers are defined in the Bylaws. Constituency groups have membership on Council in proportion to their membership in the association (Bylaws §6.4). Chairs of constituency groups are normally members of the Executive Committee as well (Bylaws §7.4.1).

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