Contract Academic Staff: Teaching (CAS:T) Committee

AASUA Policies & Procedures (under revision)
“Pursuant to the Council motion (21 April 2016), all Association Policies and Procedures and Terms of Reference for any of the Association’s committees that do not comply with the newly ratified bylaws (19 April 2016) or the Policies and Procedures for the 2016 Elections (21 April 2016) are deemed null and void and shall be removed in due course.  If there are any questions, please contact Brygeda Renke, Executive Director.”

Specifically representing the interests of the Contract Academic Staff: Teaching at the University of Alberta, the CAS:T Committee is a formal Constituency Committee of the AASUA. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members with your suggestions or any queries you may have.

Contract Academic Staff: Teaching – Terms of Reference
Contract Academic Staff: Teaching Committee – Members 2016-2017 

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