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AASUA Policies & Procedures (under revision)
“Pursuant to the Council motion (21 April 2016), all Association Policies and Procedures and Terms of Reference for any of the Association’s committees that do not comply with the newly ratified bylaws (19 April 2016) or the Policies and Procedures for the 2016 Elections (21 April 2016) are deemed null and void and shall be removed in due course.  If there are any questions, please contact Brygeda Renke, Executive Director.”

Sessionals & Other Temporary Staff (SOTS) at the University of Alberta currently do not have a formal constituency committee established. As such, SOTS who do APO-like duties are welcome to join the APO Committee. Please feel free to contact any of the SOTS representatives on Council with your suggestions or any queries you may have.

Posted March 14, 2016
SOTS Information Event: March 23 from 3 – 4pm in L1-190 – Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA)

If you are an AASUA member working on a contract basis for the University of Alberta under the Sessional and Other Temporary Staff (SOTS) category there are important events underway that could have an impact on your employment conditions / on the conditions of your employment / on the way the university handles these contracts.

SOTS are the only U of A category of employees who do not have a constituency committee within AASUA.

It is important that SOTS employees take on a more active role in the AASUA, helping inform the Association of issues SOTS employees face and changes they would like to see. The Association’s representation of SOTS workers can only improve with greater SOTS participation.

The government of Alberta is reviewing the Post Secondary Learning Act, which governs bargaining and agreements between the AASUA and the university. It is expected that there could be major changes to the way the Association and the University negotiate agreements.

AASUA represents all of its constituents equally. SOTS members have concerns about the precarious nature of contracted workers. Those of us in the SOTS category are responsible for a broad range of professional duties. HR and AASUA consider the SOTS job descriptions as “contract APO” positions without continuing positions.

If you are working under a SOTS contract, it is important that we form a constituency committee to represent your interests, hold forums and meetings and  bring your concerns back to AASUA.

To that end, you are invited to attend an informational session to learn about the current state of contract negotiations, discuss possible changes, and to measure interest in participating on an AASUA SOTS committee.

Please spread the word if you know other SOTS and RSVP:

Mark Karstad

Posted October 6, 2015
SOTS is a very diverse, growing, and yet rather invisible portion of the UofA’s academic staff. Our invisibility has in some ways resulted in a lack of our voices in collective decisions. Please come to a meeting on October 13, 1-2:30pm at ECHA L1-230. The purpose of the meeting is to establish a working knowledge of who SOTS are, what kinds of work we do and what our employment issues and best interests are. A portion of the meeting will be dedicated to a facilitated process intended to contribute a SOTS-specific perspective to the current re-writing of the AASUA Bylaws. Please come and help articulate what our constituency needs to see in our collective bargaining association’s governing document. This includes issues such as how AASUA representatives and Executive should be chosen, how to equitably represent different constituencies and interests in bargaining and elsewhere, and when AASUA members get a direct say in decisions made by our academic staff association.

All constituency groups in AASUA are being invited to contribute to this process. This is an important chance to create an association that represents us in the ways we need it to. The BAC portion of the meeting will be facilitated by a member of the AASUA Bylaws Amendment Committee (BAC), with a note-taker provided by the Centre for Public Involvement, so as to communicate our views to the BAC and the membership as a whole. More information about the BAC, including a link to the online forum for member engagement, is available here:

BAC will draft new bylaws based on what they hear from AASUA members and submit them to AASUA Council at the end of 2015; the membership as a whole will vote on a final set of bylaws, hopefully before the Spring.

Come, make your voice count. Only YOU are the expert in your job, and your representation needs. No prior knowledge of AASUA bylaws is needed to contribute to this deliberation!

Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP by clicking this link. If the link does not work, copy this url into your browser:

Mark Karstad


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