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Ad Hoc Research Committee Members 2014-2015

Posted September 14, 2015
Report by the Ad Hoc Research Committee on Responsibility Centred Management Budgeting Model (RCM)

Posted May 21, 2015
2015 May 21 – RCM Budgeting Model Update
2015 April 23 – Report by Ad Hoc Research Committee on UA Budget Model

Posted January 23, 2015
AASUA Ad Hoc Committee to Explore Proposed U of A Budget Model – Call for Volunteers
At its meeting of November 20, 2014, AASUA Council adopted two motions: To strike an ad hoc committee with a representative from each constituency group to conduct research in the proposed University of Alberta Budget Model, also called Responsibility Centered Management, and that the AASUA Executive Director hire a Research Assistant to work with the ad hoc committee. Council passed further motions on January 22, 2015 that provide more detail regarding the creation of the ad hoc committee and the job description for the Research Assistant. Those motions can be found here: AASUA Research Committee Detail and Research Assistant Job Description.

We are pleased to announce that CAUT has agreed to provide the services of Sylvain Schetagne, Associate Executive Director of CAUT, as the Research Assistant who will assist this committee. Sylvain’s bio can be found here.

Council is seeking a representative from each of the seven AASUA constituency groups who would be willing to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee. If you have expertise or experience working with budgets and/or administration or department operational processes, that would be particularly helpful. This indeed is an important committee, so if you would like to volunteer, please submit a brief bio to by January 30, 2015.

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