Collective Agreements

Tentative Academic Teaching Staff Agreement
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Side-by-side Amendments

Unsure which Collective Agreement applies to you?

Review the information in your Appointment Letter – it should be clearly stated in the first paragraph. An example:

Dear John/Jane Doe,
On behalf of the Governors of the University of Alberta, I am pleased to offer you an appointment to the academic staff of the University of Alberta in accordance with the terms set forth below. Should you accept this offer, your employment will be governed by the Staff Agreement for COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT NAME, a copy of which can be found at URL OF COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT DOCUMENT. The Agreement may be amended in accordance with its terms and such amendments are binding upon you.

Academic Faculty Agreement [Amended November 2010]
Academic Librarians Agreement [Amended November 2010]
Administrative & Professional Officer (APO) Agreement [Amended February 2014]
Contract Academic Staff: Teaching (CAS:T) Agreement [Amended July 2008]
Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) Agreement [Amended July 2008]
Sessional & Other Temporary Staff (SOTS) Agreement [Amended July 2008]
Faculty Service Officer (FSO) Agreement [Amended January 2011]

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