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January 13, 2014Government Concern re: UAPP Sustainability
December 9, 2013
UofA Board of Governors Vote No to Proposed Plan Changes
November 25, 2013: Proposed Plan Design Changes Defeated

UAPP voting information is here. (The voting site is now closed.)

Posted May 3, 2013
UAPP Town Hall #1 April 17, 2013 video
UAPP Town Hall #2 May 2, 2013 video

Posted April 2, 2013
UAPP-AASUA letter to members
UAPP PowerPoint presentation
UAPP Proposed Plan Changes
UAPP video message from AASUA President, Donna Wilson

Posted December 21, 2012
ASRP Operations Committee:
Council is pleased to announce that three AASUA members have been selected for the ASRP Operations Committee: Mark Huson, Todd Smith, and Gordon Swaters. The committee will start work in the new year.

Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP) – Volunteers Needed for Two Focus Groups:
The UAPP equity and sustainability changes will go to a ratification vote in spring 2013. Plan members will receive an information package prior to the vote. If you are interested in a preview, please volunteer for one of two focus groups on January 16, 2013: 10:30am-noon or 1:30-3:00pm. Please indicate your interest to

Posted November 22, 2012
The AASUA and the Board of Governors (BoG) are pleased to announce that the Government of Alberta has approved the ASRP. The purpose of the ASRP is to provide additional retirement benefits to eligible employees who are members of the Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP) but whose retirement benefits under the UAPP are limited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) maximum annual pension benefit. This Supplementary Plan was jointly developed as per the Board and the AASUA negotiated agreements of June 2, 2005 and May 26, 2008. The ASRP provides defined contribution benefits on Earnings (income) exceeding the UAPP Salary Cap (which is $147,362 for 2012) up to the ASRP Salary Cap (which is $199,265 for 2012) and will increase as negotiated between the AASUA and the Board pursuant to an agreement dated May 9, 2011. The ASRP is a plan that the employer solely makes contributions to. The ASRP salary cap is negotiated by the compensation teams pursu­ant to Article 19 of the collective agreements.

All Plan members (current and former staff) will receive details regarding their ASRP membership in the new year including the value of their ASRP benefits. Council will soon be appointing three members to sit on the ASRP Operations Committee. See the governance model below.

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Academic Supplementary Retirement Plan (ASRP) Governance Model
2008 January – Task Force Final Report and Recommendations
2007 March – Changes to Mandatory Retirement
2006 June – Mandatory Retirement Task Force Report
Proposed Amendment to Article 18 – APO, Faculty, FSO, Librarian
2004 July – Frequency Graphs
2003 June – Report on the ASRP Survey

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