Personal Home and Auto Insurance Discount Program

As you may be aware, AASUA members are eligible to participate in the Group Home and Auto Insurance Program administered by Marsh Canada Limited and underwritten by Novex Insurance Company (Novex).

Novex now offers a mobile app that tracks your driving behaviour and awards discounts based on this data. A 10% discount from the insurer is applied immediately just for downloading the app, and, upon your policy renewal you could receive up to 25% in discounts based on the collected data.**

The mobile app tracks the following criteria:

  • Time of use of vehicle.
  • How hard you brake.
  • Rate of acceleration.

If you are proud of your driving patterns and would like your premium to reflect this, we encourage you to learn more about the app by calling a Marsh Canada licensed insurance broker at 1 877 476 6727.     

Please note: The immediate enrolment discount of 10% is in addition to the group discount offered to AASUA members. Even if you are already enrolled in the AASUA Group Insurance Program, please call Marsh Canada to learn more about downloading the app for further savings.

*   You must have a phone that meets the eligibility criteria: iPhone iOS 8.2/5S or later, or Android with version 4.3 or later.
** The assessment period is 9 months and you must drive a minimum of 1,000 kilometres to qualify for the potential discount.
This offer is only available to Alberta and Ontario residents

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