2017 April 25



Dear Colleagues,

This is the final notice of the General Meeting of the Association to be held next Tuesday afternoon, 2 May 2017, from 2 to 4:30 pm in ETLC E1-001.

At the general meeting you will have the chance to debate and vote on a resolution in regard to a lockout/strike fund for the Association prepared by AASUA Council’s ad hoc lockout/strike fund committee. The agenda for the meeting is here, and the resolution, here. 

You will need to register for the meeting just outside ETLC E1-001. Please bring ID. Registration for the meeting will be open from 12:30 onwards.

General meetings of the Association have historically been very rare. They are, however, a vital opportunity for members to take decisions for the Association, and are thus essential to a democratic Association. I hope you will make the time to attend this general meeting. There is no proxy voting. Those members in attendance will vote to take a decision that will proceed to a subsequent referendum vote by the entire membership.

Yours for a more democratic, more effective, member-run Association,


Carolyn Sale
AASUA President

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