2017 November 2


By-Election for Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff to AASUA Council for 2017-2018

Balloting for two unfilled seats for two members of the Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff (TAPS) to Council is about to begin. All members of the Association are entitled to cast ballots for the election of these TAPS members. Please go to the 2017 Elections webpage to see the candidates’ bio’s and vision statements.

Voting will begin at 12:00 noon (Mountain time) on 3 November 2017 and close at noon (Mountain time) on 9 November 2017. At noon on November 3rd members of the Association will receive an email with detailed voting instructions and an authorized voting link to the electronic voting platform. Please review these instructions carefully.

Members will be able to visit the electronic voting platform more than once in order to cast their votes and may return to the electronic voting platform any time before the platform closes in order to edit their ballot selections as long as they have not yet hit the “submit” button to submit their ballot. Voters must hit the “submit” button in order for their ballot to be counted. If voters do not cast a vote for at least one of the Councillors their ballot will not be counted.

Any questions regarding these instructions are to be forwarded to the attention of:

Brygeda Renke
Executive Director
General Counsel
Direct: 780-492-0652
Main: 780-492-5321

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