2017 October 12


NOTICE – Strike/Lockout Fund Ratification

Dear Members

Today you will be receiving an eballot asking you to vote on whether or not to establish a strike/lockout fund.

Please watch the “Strike/Lockout Video” by AASUA Treasurer, Ricardo Acuña for a full presentation on this issue.

A strike/lockout fund helps to leverage a level playing field during collective bargaining. We begin negotiations with the Board of Governors on March 1, 2018 (see agreements here).

How those funds are used is at the discretion of the association during a strike/lockout. Typically, these funds are for AASUA’s operations, such as staff salaries, rent, communications, and legal fees.  They could also be used to pay members’ health benefits or strike pay. Note that during a strike/lockout, your salaries are no longer paid and dues are no longer remitted to the association.

If you vote ‘Yes’, your dues will increase as set out in Mr. Acuña’s presentation. A portion of your dues will be paid into the strike/lockout fund held by the AASUA. These dues are non-refundable.

Another portion of your dues will be paid to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Defence Fund (see Mr. Acuña’s presentation for details). The association pays from the increased dues a one-time initiation fee of approximately $123,000 and thereafter, approximately $270,000 per year to the CAUT Defence Fund as an on-going subscription fee. This would be in addition to the approximately $540,000 that AASUA members currently pay annually to CAUT.

  • If you want a strike/lockout fund as set out in the resolution and want to join the CAUT Defence Fund, vote yes.
  • If you do not want a strike/lockout fund as set out in the resolution, vote no.

I thank you for your participation in this very important decision. Please do not hesitate to send your questions to Ricardo Acuña (racuna@ualberta.ca).

Heather Bruce

AASUA President

SOTS Members Ratify Amendments to the SOTS Agreement

For further information see here.

Total number of eligible voters: 198

The voting results are:

Total votes cast: 51

Yes: 47 (92%)
No:    4   (8%)

Thank you.

Brygeda Renke
Executive Director
General Counsel

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